Apple to modify the App Store audit rules: Cancel the game to draw, Developers can not be drawn into


According to foreign media reports, Apple has modified the App Store audit rules, one of the most talked about, than the abolition of the third-party applications in the individual to play against the individual, but also provides Application developers should not be drawn from the reward.

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Apple to modify the App Store audit rules: cancel the game to draw developers can not be drawn into

Apple has previously modified the provisions of the third party application to the original author of the “reward” into the “in-app purchase”, requiring third-party applications either close the “reward” function, or to provide 30% of Apple’s income share, which A provision in the first half of the apple for the $ 4.9 billion in revenue, but also triggered a huge controversy.

But this controversial provision has now been canceled. Foreign media recent reports show that Apple has modified the App Store audit rules, the abolition of third-party applications to play into the provisions of the future, third-party applications in the individual’s personal reward, Apple will not take 30% of the income.

In the abolition of the extraction at the same time, Apple also provides that the third-party application of the developers are not from the individual’s reward in the individual. Web and Mobile App Development Company

For the upcoming iPhone X, Apple has also introduced a special requirement to require third-party application developers to 13 years of age to provide users with other authentication methods, not 13 years of age users through the face scan for identity Certification.

Apple’s new revised rules also limit the number of iOS applications, including the prohibition of anti-virus software, and for the application of enhanced reality (AR), Apple requires a need to enhance the reality of the application must have a rich experience, disable the simple to enhance the reality of the demo application. (Pepper off)


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