What is open source?

We have taken this simple yet tricky question to Teespire the best Delaware Web Design firm.As per them more people in the community program used to understand it as “open source ” means.
In the early stages of computer development, the software is almost open, anyone can use the software at the same time can view the software source code , or according to their own needs to modify it. In the programmer’s community, we share software and work together to raise the level of knowledge. This free atmosphere brings joy to everyone and brings progress. But soon after, some Microsoft-based business companies to destroy this atmosphere. These commercial companies employ a large number of technical experts from the free computer community to develop proprietary software with intellectual property protection.

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They are no longer accompanied by the distribution of software source code . Since then, the era of proprietary software has arrived. Until now, proprietary software does not open the source code is still the default industry unspoken rules. Even so, the fighters who advocated freedom did not compromise. They argue that the digital age should be free, and that anyone can freely access software resources and their source code, and should not be controlled by a small number of application development companies.

So by Stallman as a leader of a group of passionate technology experts launched a free software movement, founded the ” Free Software Foundation “, that is, FreeSoftwareFoundation ( FSF ). FSF has issued the GNU GPL General Public License. The GPL clearly defines the meaning of free software, that is, users have the freedom to use software, modify software, redistribute software, and improve reuse software. As a prerequisite, free software must be open to all Source code. GPLBecome the highest spiritual program in the free software world, it successfully created a free kingdom of software, and to ensure that developers, users have full freedom. In addition, in the free software world, there is no piracy concept. “Free software” in English is “FreeSoftware”, which can not help but misunderstood by many people, people often it and “free software” together, free is just some low-level, which makes free software cast a Layer shadow. So we decided to give free software a more understandable alias “open source software”. Open source word is derived from this. So, open source is the embodiment of freedom. It tells of an open, free spirit. Software development process for our software industry and non-software industry people have brought great reference value,

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