Microsoft puts the turbo on the AI, here’s the task force to beat DeepMind

After launching the division of 5,000 engineers, Redmond presents a highly specialized team of 100 of the best talents in the group

That of artificial intelligence is one of the fields where the challenges of the future will be played , but at the other end , among hi-tech giants can be understood not only by the numbers but also by the last movements of troops . DeepMind that is dedicated by Google , acquired by BigG in 2014, features some of the most fascinating discoveries and advances (just think of the upsetting AlphaGo wins against champions in at the Fair, the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research , the Menlo Park division led by Yann LeCun, the robotics and computational neuroscience guru.Thanks to Teespire Software development companies for the awesome info.

The goal of this sector of Menlo Park, as more or less in all other societies, is to develop neural systems with a level of intelligence increasingly close to the human being , taking on the most overwhelming academic problems that revolve around these areas : theories, algorithms, applications, software infrastructures and hardware.

Why are they interested and stimulating parts of these groups because, unlike other US colossal sectors – and not only, China is well likely to overtake the US in artificial intelligence under different parameters – are forced to maintain a stronger communication and collaboration with the outside (academies, other research centers and generally with the broader scientific community) by publishing papers , studies, releasing open source software or participating in international meetings.

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Even Microsoft has of course its division of engineers and experts. Last year he expanded his Microsoft AI & Research Group – in fact, he rebuilt it from scratch, entrusting it to the care of a Redmond veteran like Harry Shum – including more than 5,000 engineers in the team . The goal, we have seen especially in health , is to democratize artificial intelligence solutions. Dont think it is a surprise that the new division has joined other teams such as Information platform, Cortana and Bing, or Ambient Computing and Robotics, respectively led by David Ku, Derrick Connell and Vijay Mital. Yet a little move now tells something more.

Microsoft has in fact announced very little of having set up a specific unit that will do a little bit out of the box, within this perimeter so extensive for the AI . It will try to concentrate on some of the most concrete challenges. In particular, how to leverage artificial intelligence technologies to make software more intelligent . Microsoft Research AI as per Teespire Software development companies in philadelphia, baptized by vice president Harry Shum, deployed a hundred basic engineers to Redmond . The worst.

Msr AI , this code-named, “will be drawing on the best talent in Microsoft’s search for the industry’s core advances, ” reads the presentation. The initiative therefore combines research with machine learning with innovations in the development and analysis of language and human-machine dialogue. It almost seems that the flotilla (for the standards of a giant like that driven by Satya Nadella) has been commissioned, while the rest of the division continues on long-term research, exploiting the potential of machines in ” new ways ” to help people to be more efficient, involved and productive.

It is also enough to analyze the 13 teams where this excellence with which Microsoft intends to undermine Google and others to realize the search spheres – from ” conversational system ” to ” deep learning ” through ” information and data sciences “, ” language and information technology “,” machine learning “and” machine teaching “up to” perception and interaction “and the group specialized in” natural language “. As These are the small scale centers of excellence that will develop projects like virtualized contextualized assistance, conversational intelligence, microproductivity and RoomAlive, one of the most interesting, which seems almost the development of past research on the increased, even immersive, reality within domestic environments.

As per software companies in philadelphia From the Microsoft Bot Framework to Cortana , for all future scenarios, the shores are endless. At the Last Build conference last May, Nadella insisted very much on the need to make artificial intelligence available on various devices, platforms and programs, from the search engine to the bot to the cloud. Give it, that is, an element of greater concreteness and operationality . A bit like Google did with his new Assistant, a real dialogue agent who still has to arrive in Italian. To illustrate and change latitudes, it is no coincidence that Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Chinese Consumer Division, has announced that the new flagship phone, the Mate 10, has been waiting for a couple of years, year, it should have artificial intelligence solutions that overwhelm the virtual assistants we are accustomed to now.

Beyond appliance applications, however, one of the key points of Microsoft is to remember in terms of budget: the cloud infrastructure services . The second quarter of the year was totally positive for this area, marking growth of 47% year on year to reach a total value of $ 14 billion. If at the top of the cloud service provider market (+ 42%) there is Amazon Web Services , which accounts for 30% of spending, Microsoft has 97% and Google 92%. Follow Ibm .

What matters, however, and which also justifies movements such as those just seen, is the availability of on-demand artificial intelligence solutions in the cloud infrastructure . Canalys, the source of the data reported, has explained that growth will continue only thanks to customers who will use more and more artificial intelligence platforms . Already today, all the players in the industry provide language understanding, voice recognition, visual search, text to speech applications and other possibilities. SwiftKey, Genee, Maluuba: In addition to internal research, the startup and specialized companies Satya Nadella has been doing in this direction for the last two years:AI first .

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