Website to go online, ask yourself these 15 questions to make a decision

Any new internet site mission, from the design idea to the final on line, usually now not a too easy method. mainly whilst your website is for the client to do, it’s far a massive assignment to suit your design with the patron’s desires in all aspects.

Webpage layout to the improvement has now turn out to be a mature and entire device, both for their personal internet site or to others to do websites, need to be clean inside the implementation of the manner of thinking, do no longer miss the info, it additionally in large part avoid the web page on-line embarrassment after the trouble.web design company in nigeria

Do your homework properly in advance to now not should cope with the hassle afterwards. whilst you are doing website-related projects, you may follow the subsequent 15 questions to kind out ideas.

What is the main business involved in the website?

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There are sometimes huge variations among the proprietors of a internet site and the dressmaker’s perceptions, that may come to be a huge hassle as the challenge progresses.

Earlier than you meet together with your clients, you have to do enough research and then ask them extra about the information of the business as they speak with them. recognize their foremost business, the supply of revenue, and how the website will work collectively to growth revenue. in case you are worried in enough projects, you’ll discover that lots of your commercial enterprise systems and revenue resources are very distinct from what you first of all concept.

2, the target user is who?

Small blog, massive enterprise platform, there may be a corresponding audience. you need to determine out who your target market is.

Whilst you apprehend your target market, you may create a digital function based on it, and based totally on it to enhance the layout elements of the web site, from the font size to the photo fashion. certainly privy to person characteristics, assist you to better improve the website online’s usability and useful traits.web designers in lagos

What do you want users to do on this web page?

Every website online should have a clean cause and function in terms of revel in. what does the proprietor of the website want the user to do after establishing the page?

Commonplace person behaviors encompass:

· Click on a link to get information
· Buy a product or service
· Fill in a form
· Play a game
· Click on the link to view the content (generate advertising revenue)
· Register for an event / offer / benefit / service
· Download APP
· Via e- Mail or social media sharing

There are many things users can do on the site, and we can categorize user behavior into two categories based on goals:

The overall goal for the entire site: If users can only do one thing, then what do you want them to do?
Small goals: Each page or module should be directed to a particular operation, and these step-by-step operations should jointly guide the user to perform the overall goal of the site.

Do you now have a website?

This problem seems not difficult to solve. Do you own a website and what is its URL?

Are you the owner of the domain name? You will find that many websites have owners who are not domain names.

5, for this site, where do you like, hate what place?

This is also a problem that can be easily solved. Find the piece of paper, take the pen, draw two columns on the paper, and record what you like and what you hate about the current website.

This approach can help you better re-design programs, the current element of the entire website have a better choice.

6, your website / company what is unique?

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If you have a clear idea approximately your employer, products, and offerings, and your customers have thoughts approximately what is taking place along with your modern website online, you need to determine out the uniqueness of the agency or product. what distinguishes them from the traits of other peers or comparable merchandise? is there some thing that only they could do? seo experts in nigeria

When the selling factors of your customers’ services or products are yours, you could highlight the value of their products through the net.

This could no longer sound like a hassle, however you need to be prepared to combat difficult. because the truth is that the goods of the sizable majority of enterprise businesses may not be so prominent, and their specific value isn’t that properly tapped.

7, what are the competitors?

After getting acquainted with your clients, you also need to know what kind of competitors you will face in designing your upcoming website. What brands and websites are in the same market as your customers? Why are they? Next, you should take a closer look at your competitor’s site to see if you can get inspired.

What are your favorite 3 websites?

Next, you need to prepare a homework assignment for the client. Do not ask this question in person, but give your customer a reply after thinking about it.

Let them list 3 to 5 of their favorite sites, and let them try to explain why these sites will attract them, as well as what they enjoy the characteristics, or the reasons.

Of course, you can also ask more questions on this basis, such as “Which one would you choose if you wanted to steal a feature / element from those sites.”

9, What are the essential features of the site?

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Most customers have some hard requirements for their site, or they have a basic idea of ​​the features that are essential to their site.

However, list items provided by different customers may vary widely. Some may simply write “I hope it can be viewed on the phone,” while others will use a specific element of the gradient or parallax scrolling on the first marketing nigeria

Is there any preparation for data analysis?

Know your site’s current browsing data, can help you better revision and follow-up adjustment. What do you and your customers think are important and ultimately match the actual user’s browsing data?

Mining site data, can help you answer these questions. Using effective data analysis can help you refine the entire project better, especially if the customer can not provide really useful reference data.

Do you have enough picture material available?

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Do you already have enough picture material to apply to the entire design? Are they clear enough? Can the quality and tonality match the entire design?

Some clients will be ready for you from the start, but more clients will need you to talk to them about what’s really useful and useful for your pictures and videos.

12, do you have color schemes and fonts?

The question seems to be answered from the very beginning. But in communicating with clients, you should ask the question another way: do you think about fonts and colors? Want to use what color and font? Do you want to follow the old website color and font in the new website?

Many new websites tend to come with the corporate update brand, and as you design your website, you should adapt to avoid repetitive tasks.

Of course, in the specific implementation of the time there will be some tricky, if the other side of the font to pick the more you have to go somewhere else to find a web version or alternative approximate fonts.

13, whether there is a brand style guide?

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Brand style guides contain more than just color and fonts. If your client is a well-formed brand style guide, it can provide you with valuable information that includes the brand’s style and tonality.

Some of the more complete guidelines for brand style even include the role of brand users. As a result, you can eliminate the design of the brand’s user role in the design process.

Do you have a schedule?

Next, you need to schedule your work hours to develop a workable project schedule that combines the client and your job. digital marketing agency in nigeria

So, this schedule is flexible enough?

Tight time will make the entire project catch the eye, so you should communicate with customers to ensure that the entire project can be carried out smoothly.

15, after the website is online, do you have plans to follow-up adjustment?

When the site is finally delivered to customers, do you have training for them to ensure that they leave your technical support and are able to use the entire site correctly?

This is actually the way you build a website has a close relationship, especially the back-end build. Website maintainability and the agreement between you and the customer, has a clear causal relationship.

From the start you should tailor the system to the way the client wants them to be, after all, you are not making a folio site for yourself.

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